We live in a world of comparisons, of what if’s, and of overly high expectations. As moms, we often feel the most criticism from that glare at the grocery store to that opinionated comment made by a relative. You aren’t alone in this journey of parenthood. We’ve all been there. We’ve all had that embarrassing moment when our child decided to have a meltdown in public, when she thought it’d be funny to run away at Target, when you went out with a loaded diaper bag but no diapers. None of us can do it all. None of us are perfect. In fact it’s quite the opposite. God made us to be unique. God made you to be your child’s parent, specifically. God designed you to play a particular role in your child’s life and in your own life. It’s time we stop comparing ourselves to each other and to stop judging each other. After all, we’re all just trying to do our best with the gifts that God has given us. Instead let’s encourage each other in this journey. Let’s listen to each other and speak positive words. Let’s laugh together, let’s cry together, let’s travel this road together.